Therapeutic Music is my Prescription for Self-care

As a person living with an autoimmune disorder, I use music to help me to survive fearful days and sleepless nights. My goal is to emerge on the other side in a peaceful state of mind. Listening to recordings of relaxing music is a form of therapy, to quiet my anxiety, slow down my heart rate and lower my blood pressure. I have a very extensive collection of relaxing music that I began purchasing over 50 years ago. My collection of relaxing music includes harp music, hymns, negro spirituals, 60’s soul music, 60’s folk music, and classical music composed by Handel, Beethoven, Bach, Telemann, Vivaldi and Chopin. I affectionately call this music my “therapeutic music” because this music has the effect of a massage of my body with a soothing, healing balm. To quote the words of an old spiritual, “there is [in deed] a balm in Gilead, to heal the sin sick soul”.

Some nights when I am excessively anxious, I search in YouTube for the name of one of my favorite musicians and binge on therapeutic music of a particular genre for several hours. This time is so precious because I can demonstrate self-love for my mind and body, by giving my mind and body an opportunity to think about nothing and relax.

I have read several books and listened to many lectures from various healers and have concluded that self love and therapeutic music can heal the body and mind by creating an environment for the body and mind to relax. Every little bit helps towards healing a chronic illness. Healing is a long process and therapeutic music brings joy to my healing journey. This article is provided with love for your well-being, and not as medical advice.